“My Customer Service Reps were amazing throughout the process and made our vision come to life. Very satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the work.”

Health Educator

“The shirts I ordered are all high quality. They fit true to size, they launder well and the quality of stitching is very nice.”

Elementary School Principal

“My Sales Rep was such a great help, and she acted fast to get us what we needed! I am so glad I reached out to her, we were having a small delay in our previous provider, but also learned that we had been overpaying for shirts that did not match the quality of what Gerald Printing was able to provide in nearly half the time!”

Employment Office Manager

“This team ALWAYS delivers for us! Whether it’s making custom signs, printing forms, or creating shirts for our crew, they always provide expedient service and top of the line customer support. We love working with them!”

Purchasing Agent For HVAC Business

“Great job on my order of prints from my artwork. First time I had gotten my work printed and plan on using y’all again.”

Local Artist

“Always fill our orders on time and show us respect even though we are a small company. Would recommend to anyone!”

Auto Repair Shop Owner